[CBT] Additional information about participation work week in Portland

David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Thu Nov 20 12:27:00 PST 2014

We've updated our plans for the participation-focused work week in Portland and I wanted to send everyone an update.  The schedule for the Participation-focused days on Thursday and Friday is at:


The bulk of those days will be focused on breakouts for each of the major participation initiatives next year: Volunteer Leadership, Participation Infrastructure, Regional Community Health, Functional Area Support and Reinventing Participation.

You can find out more about what each of the breakouts will be doing by checking out the links at:


If there is a specific breakout you're interested in, please feel free to add your name to the breakout's etherpad.  If you're interested in helping run a breakout, feel free to reach out to the leads mentioned on the page.

You can also participate in a breakout if you're remote -- there won't be great video conference setups in Portland, but collaborating over IRC, etherpads and vidyo on people's laptops is an option.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to let me know.


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