[CBT] Module(like?) system for communities?

Majken Connor majken at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 11:02:13 PST 2014

One of the challenges I've realized with triaging Community IT requests is
knowing if a request is coming from a person who has the support of their
community to make such a request. I know there are other instances where it
would be useful to have a list and contact info for the different

I was thinking that for some communities, especially ones that already have
a formal governance structure, it might make sense to denote that
leadership either in the Mozilla module system, or in a similar system.

The pros I am thinking of would be:

a) clear communication channel from inside the org to inside the community
b) ease of obtaining resources with clear accountability structure
c) ease in transitioning and denoting leadership transition, also for b,
ease in seeing who takes over the responsibilities or ownership of
resources like domains and hosting

and this one is a pro of using the module system:

d) Mitchell has made it clear that the module system is meant to be a tool
to be helpful. Communities wouldn't have to adhere strictly to the
engineering definitions of owner and peer. Using different titles could be
explored. The "owner" doesn't have to be the person who gets to make
decisions for the community, it can just be the person or persons the
community puts forth to say "we trust this person/these persons to speak
for us, and to respect our internal governance structure while speaking for
us, and to only speak with the authority granted by the community."

Or we can use it as the basis for a less formal structure that still serves
as a "single source of truth" for contacting and giving resources to

Of course I've spent less time thinking about the cons, and I am not in an
organized local community so I wouldn't be the best person to think of them
either. Anyway that's my idea. I'd love to know if this sort of thing has
already been discussed, and if there are any other pros and cons to take
into consideration.

- Kensie
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