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Larissa Shapiro lshapiro at mozilla.com
Tue Nov 18 18:27:19 PST 2014

Thank you so much, Amy. The beating heart of this page, the system we 
call Get Involved, is the stewards who take time on top of all else you 
do, to welcome our newest Mozillians,, and the volunteers themselves. 
Thank you to everyone who made this redesign possible - Jen, Holly, 
Jess, Craig, PMac, Mike, Jennie, Flod and all the localizers (not 
forgotten), the volunteers we interviewed, one and all.

The benefits are starting to shine through - and we still have work to do!



On 11/18/14, 17:40, Amy Tsay wrote:
> I just want to take a moment to say THANKS to Jennie, Larissa, and the 
> entire team who worked on revamping the Get Involved page. You guys 
> did an awesome job.
> As the community steward for Marketplace and Add-ons, I'm receiving 
> about 3x the number of inquiries as before, and most importantly, the 
> leads are a lot more promising. People are writing comments like "I 
> love open source and I want to give back," and "I want to be a part of 
> something awesome." It was a great thing to surface personal stories 
> and bring focus to our mission, because people feel inspired by them. 
> Anecdotally, after having gone through a few hundred emails (with 730+ 
> to go), I would say I've seen more comments like this in what I've 
> gone through so far than in all the previous inquiries during my 3 
> years at Mozilla, combined.
> So, congrats! You deserve a toast.
> :-)
> Amy
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