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David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Tue Nov 18 13:23:06 PST 2014

A few years ago, I tried using VolunteerMatch as a way to promote Mozilla contribution opportunities to potential volunteers.  There is an old page that was used at:


A few people connected with us through this way, but it was significantly fewer than the number of people coming in through the Get Involved page so I didn't do any follow-up with the VolunteerMatch pilot.

I'm sure the site has changed since then, so it could be more useful to us now.


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> Hello,
> Hope we are all well. Has anyone been to, used or signed up on
> volunteermatch.org ?
> I think it's a great resource or if we had something similar for communities
> and mozilla inspired projects. I've volunteered through it for some
> organisations and you would be shocked how resourceful it can be.
> However this question is because I would love to use it for Genopen and at
> some point I had tried to use it for Mozilla Uganda but in vain since I
> needed registration in the US and failed. What makes the site key isn't only
> the ability to find volunteers, but the ability to post small tasks and
> projects that you need help on and what types of volunteers you need
> (volunteer specification). This would be slightly episodic but great. I know
> some will probably confuse this with the contribute site, but they're
> different with one posting to a pool of volunteers like the linkedin of
> volunteers and the other being a gateway to contribution.
> Please let me know your thoughts around this. Thanks.
> Regards,
> Lawrence
> Community Manager
> Mozilla Uganda | GenOpen
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