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Lawrence Kisuuki lawrence at mozilla-uganda.org
Tue Nov 18 12:42:41 PST 2014


Hope we are all well. Has anyone been to, used or signed up on

I think it's a great resource or if we had something similar for
communities and mozilla inspired projects. I've volunteered through it for
some organisations and you would be shocked how resourceful it can be.

However this question is because I would love to use it for Genopen and at
some point I had tried to use it for Mozilla Uganda but in vain since I
needed registration in the US and failed. What makes the site key isn't
only the ability to find volunteers, but the ability to post small tasks
and projects that you need help on and what types of volunteers you need
(volunteer specification). This would be slightly episodic but great. I
know some will probably confuse this with the contribute site, but they're
different with one posting to a pool of volunteers like the linkedin of
volunteers and the other being a gateway to contribution.

Please let me know your thoughts around this. Thanks.



*Community Manager*
*Mozilla Uganda | GenOpen*
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