[CBT] What does radical participation look like?

David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Wed Nov 12 09:54:01 PST 2014

Thanks to everyone for sharing thoughts -- there are a lot of interesting ideas here to look at more closely.  Please feel free to blog to develop your thoughts more and/or add to this etherpad that captures some of this conversation so far.


It sounds like the idea of staff as scaffolding really resonates and there are ways to do that, such as 20% time.  Ben raised a real concern about how our short-term deadlines can make this difficult for teams though -- spending any time on enabling volunteers can put those deadlines at risk.

One thought about this is to slow down our goals process -- for example, would shifting from quarterly goals to annual goals give teams more space to enable volunteers in a way that they can help with those goals?  There is some interesting research here about the value of slowing down -- see the Harvard Business Review's article at:


I also really liked Laura's suggestion of focusing on the culture.  One thing other non-profits do is encourage staff to be volunteers themselves at other organizations and this helps build a culture of service.  For instance, we could encourage teams to spend an afternoon during work weeks volunteering -- by going to a food bank or cleaning up a local park or beach. 

Keep sharing ideas :)


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