[CBT] Mozilla Reps Portal UX Initiative

Regnard Raquedan regnard at raquedan.com
Wed Nov 12 08:25:50 PST 2014

Hello folks!

I'm leading a new community initiative to improve the Mozilla Reps Portal (
http://reps.mozilla.org) and engage the Reps & Mozillian community in a
proper User Experience (UX) design process.

I've outline the high-level info here:


In a nutshell, we will collaborate to make recommendations for the Mozilla
Reps Portal through industry-standard UX design activities. These
activities include:

   - User Research
   - Design
   - Validation

If you're interested in becoming part of this, please sign-up in the above
etherpad. Please note that although the activities would be familiar to
UX/Design professionals, I'll run online training sessions to help team
members accomplish very manageable tasks.

I would be happy to answer questions about this initiative.


*Regnard Raquedan, MBA, MSc.*
@regnard <https://twitter.com/regnard>
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