[CBT] What does radical participation look like?

matthew zeier mzeier at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 08:07:34 PST 2014

I'm going to respond to a bunch of comments. This thread has been in my head overnight.

* "Better to go in slow and come out fast, than to go in fast and come out dead." ~ Sir Stirling Moss. Moss said that in relationship to car racing - you don't go into turns fast (you die). You go in slow and come out fast on the straightaway. 

* We humans set arbitrary deadlines. And then refuse to change them. I think it's a fallacy to suggest that a deadline trumps time spent on Community (with a capital C).

* Especially if the Community is the -foundation- of Mozilla. 

* 20% might not be enough time! As Doug says, it's something that pays dividends. It's like a retirement account - putting 20% sure feels like a lot. Until I retire and realize it wasn't.

* +1 to @Laurag - Leadership needs to create time/space & possibly mandate Community participation as part of goals, as part of compensation. Leadership should create a culture of continuous improvement and help teach how to build & grow Community.

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