[CBT] What does radical participation look like?

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Here’s an idea that would be a possible stepping stone to the ‘staff as scaffolding’ model… 

I meet lots of people who don’t work at Google but who idolize their 20% time concept. I don’t want to start a conversation about what 20% time looks like in practice for developers at Google, but the *concept* resonates widely, and well outside the tech sector. Which is valuable. 

What would an official ‘20% time’ for community building look like? Both in practice, and in how the outside world understands Mozilla? 

Would it help with the struggle to balance time spent meeting deadlines, and time investing in the community? I’m trying to build/enable a metrics community, but I feel those pressures too. 

Community building is a long term investment, much like R&D/innovation. 

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At MozFest a couple weeks ago, Mitchell had a question for the audience: what does radical participation look like for Mozilla today? For more details, you can see that keynote at the link below (Mitchell starts around 26 minutes in). 


This is a question I think we should be discussing here on this list, at the Grow Mozilla call this Thursday and while we're together in Portland. 

To get a discussion going, I just blogged with one potential answer to this question -- shifting the role of staff more to supporting volunteers instead of directly delivering the services Mozilla provides. 


Please feel free to comment on this particular answer to the question as well as post your own answers. We have a wide range of experiences both inside and outside of Mozilla in this group and I think some interesting ideas will emerge if we all share some ideas. 

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