[CBT] Draft Conflict Resolution Guidelines

Majken Connor majken at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 16:41:35 PST 2014

I think with regards to allowing people to contact someone directly or
using a ticket system, it won't hurt to consider using both. These will not
be professional conflict negotiators handling these requests. You should
design the system with the assumption that someone at some point is going
to totally get it wrong. There should be some oversight to allow people to
complain about their request being handled poorly, either because of the
amount of time between responses or because of the quality of responses. We
would also want to be careful that the oversight group doesn't tend towards
defending their team.  We wouldn't want someone who feels alienated to get
back "so and so is doing their best, I don't think they did anything
wrong," we'd want them to get "while so and so is doing their best, I can
see why you were upset with this or that part of the response."

I do think some sort of tracking would be very important, we'd want to know
if we're getting a lot of issues around a specific team or a specific
region. We'd also want to know if we're getting a lot of issues around a
certain type of discrimination.

I wonder if there is a system out there that would allow the person asking
for help to remain anonymous, so someone can use the system to reply, but
the person helping them won't know who is asking for the help unless they
volunteer it.

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> Hello David,
> Hadn't seen that page, yes that works. Thanks.
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> > Again no one answered the question about the report email. For instance
> > council already has reps-council at mozilla.com
> For the question about having an email for people to use to report
> incidents, I suggest coordinating with the contact information that's being
> provided on the Community Participation Guidelines at:
> https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/governance/policies/participation/
> Dino and also the Conductors are both listed on that page as places for
> people to reach out to when a participation issue, such as conflict, arises.
> Instead of setting up another point of contact, we could coordinate with
> Dino about having a common communication method.  Maybe he'd be open to
> creating an alias and we could use it there and can share out in other
> places as well?
> Thanks,
> David
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