[CBT] Getting Feedback from the broad community about the conflicts now

April Morone linuxwebdeveloper at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 07:56:44 PST 2014

I would that. In fact, that topic (about contributor conflicts) will be
covered in my first event I will be holding as a new rep.  My event will
cover contributor issues and will cover troubleshooting contributor
iseues.  And since contributor conflict is and has been part of contributor
issues which has been mentioned to me by a few members in group, I think
that topic of conflict should be broutht up in thie event.  And that you
have brought this up, as well, can hopefully help, as well.
April Morone
On Nov 9, 2014 9:03 AM, "Lawrence Kisuuki" <lawrence at mozilla-uganda.org>

> Hello,
> Hope you're well. So was thinking now that we've finished some of the
> additions to the draft can we run a small form to the larger community to
> get their views on conflicts. A few suggestions on what they find
> comfortable as a resolution technique, etc. I just think it would be more
> open and it would be good for it to be inclusive.
> Would love help from April if possible since she has access to some
> Mozillians.
> So what do you think?
> *Regards,*
> *Lawrence*
> *Community Manager*
> *Mozilla Uganda | GenOpen*
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