[CBT] Draft Conflict Resolution Guidelines

Lawrence Kisuuki lawrence at mozilla-uganda.org
Thu Nov 6 07:06:30 PST 2014

Emma yes, and I included those clauses we need reps and mentors to help out
on this too. For instance there are issues communities face with reps or
mentors and these will always first be forwarded to council :) Thanks Emma.

David, I will try to jump in for the meeting as I will be in Nairobi then,
will set a reminder. Can I get some people willing to work on formalising
this so that we work together on refining the document for the wiki?

Ben and I will be finalising the community fundraising document in Nairobi,
we already have a draft :) and will be posting a blog about the session we
held at Mozfest soon. Will share it here.

Thanks for the kind words San James. April we would love your help.

Again no one answered the question about the report email. For instance
council already has reps-council at mozilla.com



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