[CBT] Draft Conflict Resolution Guidelines

Lawrence Kisuuki lawrence at mozilla-uganda.org
Wed Nov 5 12:59:48 PST 2014

So I need clear confirmation on this part: Should we have the email like "
report at mozilla-communities.org" set up just in case there are those willing
to use it or should we scrap it all together?

Emma yes, sadly there are more causes than there are solutions but it's
safe to say most causes can be narrowed down with how delicate matters are
handled. Safe to say all the common solutions end up in peaceful
mediated/arbitrated resolutions.

And yes, a Mozillian is free to use any approach or to directly contact
someone they're comfortable with to resolve their problem, I think I
included that somewhere. I just hope somewhere somehow we can also learn
from solutions communities employ to resolve similar conflicts that may
arise else where.

We have not disregarded mentors but there are cases where people are
conflicting with the mentor that is why at the end there's involvement of
council or so. We're just documenting a process that people can follow when
stuck and don't know what to do, instead of them getting angry or leaving,
maybe this can help them have a start at resolution/closure.

Janet & Yvan I made most of those changes :) Thanks.

Thanks for the different views, I've made real time edits where necessary.
You can take a look again.



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