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Benjamin, I agree that people may have comfort with speaking to certain
people but that's what kills conflict mediation. Sometimes they go to the
wrong people who don't help them out. Definitely we're going to have some
few stewards, but I'm imagining the situation where there's a conflict with
a steward. The idea is we make this an open process for the reporter, they
send an email and we advise them on the right person who can help to solve
the problem, if they agree we proceed, if they don't they can pursue
another avenue. The key is for them to try to first reach out. To fill the
missing void of a neutral communication channel for reporting a problem.

In agreement with Tom, we need to have tickets to ensure that people's
problems are resolved because this leads to another conflict,
"Frustration/neglect" or "distrust" in the system/community.

I've added the edits, I'm glad you took time and read through the document.
Yvan you're very right about the word discrimination, had looked for the
right word that wouldn't so much shout racism, it scares people so I've
changed it.

Mitchell thank you. I hadn't noticed the loophole with the "sexual assault"
section, I've added "gender discrimination" under it and expressed their
gravity as well.

Below is the link of the new document.


Thanks, you're still welcome to adding more edits. So please let us know
about any type of conflict we left out or procedure under the resolution



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