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Last week, there was a conference in San Francisco about community 
building, which no one from Mozilla attended, because everyone who might 
have gone was at MozFest in London ;-P

Below is a list of links to the presentations from the conference, for 
those who may be interested. I think Douglas Atkin's and Caty Kobe's 
presentations are probably the most relevant to this group's concerns. 
Alison Leahy has an interesting idea about creating a "personnel heat 
map" to ensure community coverage across time zones. And Phillippe 
Beaudette has an interesting slide of Wikipedia roles and pathways 

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We're just about recovering from FeverBee SPRINT now.

I wanted to publicly post all the slides from FeverBee SPRINT on
CommunityGeek first.

Thanks for being members. We would really love your thoughts on these and the

  * *Richard Millington - How To Build A Sense Of Community (5 Rarely Used

  * *Rachel Happe - How To Drive Even More Engagement

  * *Justin Isaf - How To Reduce Your Moderation Costs

  * *Maria Ogneva - How To Increase Employee Participation*

  * *Joe Cothrel - How To Increase Engagement In An Existing Community*

  * *Jeff Atwood - How To Optimise Your Community Platform*

  * *Loree Draude - How To Measure The ROI Of Your B2B Online Community*

  * *Sarah Leary - How To Get Members To Build Their Own Successful

  * *Dianne Kibby - How To Build A Community For A Highly Technical Audience*

  * *Philippe Beaudette - How To Motivate Legions of Volunteers*

  * *Douglas Atkin - How To Create A Powerful Community Culture*

  * *Caty Kobe - How To Develop A Plan For Your Community*

  * *Elizabeth Houston - How To Successfully Blend Online and Offline Events*

  * *Alison Leahy - How To Grow and Scale A Global Community Team*

  * *Jenn Lopez - How To Make SEO An Integral Part Of Your Community Strategy*

Thank you!



By Richard Millington



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