[CBT] Hindi gets big online push as Google kickstarts Indian Language Internet Alliance

Rajesh Ranjan rajeshkajha at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 08:58:59 PST 2014

"Google on Monday roped in an array of partners to usher in the Indian
Language Internet Alliance, a new platform to offer better content and
technology for the Hindi speaking population. The search giant also
announced the launch of the Hindi voice search in the country.

With most of the 200 million-odd English speakers already online, the
growth of Internet in India will depend on lowering the entry barriers for
the rest of the population. “To reach to our goal of 500 million Internet
users by 2017 we need to make the Internet accessible to those who don’t
speak English,” said Google India MD Rajan Anandan. He said most of the 5
million Internet users being added everyday are on the mobile and not all
of them speak English. As a measure of the lack of Hindi content in the
country, he said there were just 22,000 Wikipedia entries in the language
while 400 million people spoke the language."

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