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Aaron Train atrain at mozilla.com
Fri Jun 13 14:33:24 PDT 2014


I noticed that there is a feedback request for SUMO posted on the community-building mailing list[1].

There are many things wrong and bad with QMO. This email will largely just list points that I feel are bad with QMO in no particular order. There is far and few between any good on QMO. It’s been like this for years because it hasn’t ever been treated as a higher tier important mozilla based website. It feels like a neglected stepchild.

What is the purpose of QMO? Are we even addressing that purpose? If it’s the entrance and welcoming spot for our community, then we are doing a bad job.

As I see it right now, QMO lacks any cohesion, core relevant data and is essentially a test-day announcement site. It’s a site that non of us like using because it based on a Wordpress platform. There is little extensibility and room for improvement and extensibility as we’re at the mercy of the platform. 

When I visit QMO, front-and centre is ‘the latest news’ which is essentially listing *future events* which have been primarily test-day even notices. Off the bat, we should be providing the upcoming events *first* and future event notices elsewhere.

The are no reference to One and Done, Moztrap nor Firefox OS on the front-page. There is no call to help on the front-page. 

The teams that are defined on QMO do not make sense. Why is there an automation team button, but in it I see WebQA. Is there no automation in desktop Firefox?

Mobile QA only makes reference to Android and not Firefox OS. What purpose do these team pages serve?

There is a confusing yet useless login on the top right which serves no useful purpose. What is the login even for?

Whatever docs that are relevant should not live on QMO, they should be on MDN. They are not searchable and undiscoverable if they live on QMO. 

These are just some of the issues I have with QMO and have had for many years with this site. I want it to be useful, I really do think it deserves web developer attention and shouldn’t be left alone. It should feel like the other Mozilla web properties.

‘How I Can Help Test” is reduced to a small link on the right side amongst a cluster of other links.

The community tab just redundantly lists front-page events. What purpose does the community tab serve?


I really do think that QMO needs to be trashed and completely re-done based on a new framework that allows for extensibility based on ideas we want to do with it. WordPress is too limiting. The idea of QMO needs to be redefined and the more important bits of information need to be better displayed.


Nit: The entire look and feel of QMO is using a Firefox 3.5 theme which is from 2009.
Other: There is a broken careers button which has been broken for years on the right side. Can we get that removed?
Other: We make no mention of our open QA meeting on Wednesdays, see https://qa.ubuntu.com/ for inspiration on how they do it
Other: There is no mobile optimization whatsoever

[1] https://mail.mozilla.org/pipermail/community-building/2014-June/001614.html

Aaron Train
Sr. QA Engineer
Mozilla Corporation

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