[CBT] Continuing the discussion around what 'Mozillian' means

David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Tue Nov 5 18:37:54 PST 2013

At the last Grow Mozilla call we decided to continue the discussion around what 'Mozillian' means since there wasn't a clear answer.  There are a couple blog posts about this I wanted to point out:

* Gerv has blogged a summary of the sessions from the Summit at


* I just posted a response that also covers the discussion we had on the Grow Mozilla call at


The tl;dr version of those is that there are clear criteria that came out of the Summit, but do those criteria apply to the word 'Mozillian' or to another word like 'contributor'?  If we don't use the criteria to define 'Mozillian' do we want it to be something without any criteria that anyone can choose to use if they'd like?

If you have comments, questions or suggestions about this, feel free to respond to this thread or to those blog posts.  If you've seen other people talking about this in other channels, let us know so we can get a sense of what they're thinking.


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