[CBT] [SD WG] Notes from goal review and goal setting meeting

David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Fri Jun 28 12:12:25 PDT 2013

I wanted to send out notes from today's meeting to review the Q2 goals of the Systems and Data working group and to set goals for Q3.

The status for the Q2 goals is below:

* Establish public criteria for evaluating existing systems [DONE]
* Select top three priorities for community building functionality needs [DONE]
* Draft requirements and identify resources for the highest priority need [MISS]
* Start phase 1 of auditing existing systems including People's Onboarding tool [DONE]

The goals for Q3 are:

* Wrap up audit process of People team's systems
* Resolve decision about software to use for top three community building functionality needs
* Continue development of contribution dashboards for Webdev, Coding and SUMO functional areas

The Q2 goals weren't included in MoCo's quarterly goals process, but for Q3 we're looking at updating the goals doc to include a 'Community Building' sub-team under the People team where we can attach these goals.

That would be a good location for any goals we want to set as a group and not just goals around systems and data.  If anyone has thoughts about other goals around recognition, education, etc we should be setting, let's discuss.


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