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My name is Patrick Carlson and I am a graduate student in Human Computer
Interaction (HCI) at Iowa State University. I’m researching the
socialization process for two large Open Source communities, Mozilla and
KDE. As part of the research, I will be developing a web-based tool to help
visualize and understand relevant data. This would include data such as
source code version control, email mailing list posts, and bug reports. As
a preliminary step, I would appreciate if you would be willing to fill out
a short survey that outlines the demographic and socialization process as
well as your thoughts. I will be linking your responses to public
participation data surrounding Mozilla such as source code commits, email
posts, and bug reports. All survey results will be kept confidential and
any published results will be kept anonymous. As the survey is only
surrounding Mozilla, I ask that you only fill out the survey if you feel
you are part of the Mozilla community or you want to join the Mozilla

I would certainly appreciate help in distributing the survey link and
getting the word out. Feel free to Tweet, blog, etc. The survey link will
be active until July 5, 2013.

There is no compensation for participating and you must be 18 years of age
or older.


Thank you for your time.

-Patrick Carlson
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