[CBT] [SD WG] Notes and video from Jobvite audit feedback meeting

David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Tue Jun 11 13:18:29 PDT 2013

We met earlier today to discuss feedback of the audit of the Jobvite tool.

This is the first time we've done an audit, so the criteria we've used for this will be able to be used again to evaluate other tools.  The criteria were:

* Interoperability
* Usability/Accessibility
* Flexibility
* Core principles (privacy, data ownership, etc.)

Based on those criteria we felt that Jobvite probably wasn't appropriate for our needs, although we do want to do a little more digging into interoperability before making a decision.

Video of the meeting is at: https://vreplay.mozilla.com/replay/showRecordingExternal.html?key=3m6X2usriugjZlX

Full notes are at: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/cbt-working-group-systems-data


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