[CBT] Criteria for the evaluation of potential contributor-management services.

David Boswell dboswell at mozilla.com
Fri Jun 7 13:45:08 PDT 2013

Mike, thanks for drafting these criteria and sharing them out.

This may already be captured under Usability and Accessibility, but is flexibility a requirement worth calling out?  For instance, the two systems we've looked at so far are built with employees in mind so they'll need to be flexible to work in a situation where the audience isn't employees.

BTW, the Jobvite evaluation meeting is on Tuesday, June 11 at 10 am pacific in my Vidyo room if anyone is interested in joining.  I still need to schedule the Elance evaluation meeting -- will be sometime after the Summit Assembly.


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> Hi, everyone -
> I'm compiling a list of more specific requirements right now, but
> broadly speaking the criteria that I've got so far are:
> - Interoperability: we need to be able to make whatever systems we
> use interoperate with many other systems in our organization, some
> of which are hypothetical future knowledge-base products and others
> being venerable repositories of institutional information that
> aren't subject to trivial change. A sane, stable and robust API is
> mandatory, and data that we value can't be siloed in a single system
> that might go away if our relationship with the provider were to end
> for any reason.
> - Usability and Accessibility: Since we'll be asking our community to
> use the system, doing so can't be an onerous experience, whether
> we're talking about administrative complexity, cognitive overhead or
> whether English is your second language or if you're visually
> impaired. The experience of using the product, for a contributor,
> can't suck.
> - Alignment with Mozilla's core principles: Our mission statement
> outlines, among other things, some values that define what we
> believe, our goals as an organization, and who we are. The tools we
> use should advance and reinforce those principles as much as
> possible.
> That covers what I've got so far, but I'd like your feedback about
> it. What (if any) hard specifics should we have on this list, and
> are there any important, foundational principles I've overlooked?
> Thanks,
> - mhoye
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