[CBT] Criteria for the evaluation of potential contributor-management services.

Michael Hoye mhoye at mozilla.com
Fri Jun 7 12:15:24 PDT 2013

Hi, everyone - 

I'm compiling a list of more specific requirements right now, but broadly speaking the criteria that I've got so far are:

- Interoperability: we need to be able to make whatever systems we use interoperate with many other systems in our organization, some of which are hypothetical future knowledge-base products and others being venerable repositories of institutional information that aren't subject to trivial change. A sane, stable and robust API is mandatory, and data that we value can't be siloed in a single system that might go away if our relationship with the provider were to end for any reason.

- Usability and Accessibility: Since we'll be asking our community to use the system, doing so can't be an onerous experience, whether we're talking about administrative complexity, cognitive overhead or whether English is your second language or if you're visually impaired. The experience of using the product, for a contributor, can't suck.

- Alignment with Mozilla's core principles: Our mission statement outlines, among other things, some values that define what we believe, our goals as an organization, and who we are. The tools we use should advance and reinforce those principles as much as possible.

That covers what I've got so far, but I'd like your feedback about it. What (if any) hard specifics should we have on this list, and are there any important, foundational principles I've overlooked?


- mhoye

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