[CBT] A letter that gives students credit for contribution- will this help you?

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Great results come from asking great questions, way to problem solve Dia! 

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Hi Community Builders, 

Last quarter a contributor came to the People Team enthusiastic and ready to jump in. She found a meaningful project within our function and was off and running. Not long after we onboarded her she asked if she could earn University units by having me document and vouch for her contribution of 90 hours in a 3 month period. Problem was...there was so much language in the verification letter from her U, that I couldn't just say yes. (works like, internship and work etc- all no-no's from a legal perspective). 

So, what did we do? We got to YES by reaching directly into the University and co-creating a "contributor" letter that works for everyone. And, lucky for us, that helped us create the attached document. A boilerplate letter we can all use to engage student contributors and give them the opportunity to earn units for their volunteer hours in the Mozilla Project. 

What does this mean to you and the project? Connect with campuses in your area as a direct funnel for contributors and do it all in "compliance". 

Hope this helps you in your getting to YES with student contributors who want to get those hours to count on campus. 

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