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Wed Jun 5 11:01:06 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Last fall I had an idea for a group that I think would be beneficial for
Mozilla. Ever since then I see more examples and talk to more people that
this group would benefit. I have been thinking for a little bit now that
Community Builders might be the right group to take up the idea and the
recent discussion started by Brian about packaging our best practices is a
great fit. I think areas of the original proposal are naturally already
being covered by the CBT. I have a few more thoughts that I haven't
included in the proposal, but I will leave those out for now in favor of
getting people's reactions and feedback to the original idea.

Etherpad with my original proposal is here if you want to leave comments,
content following: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/cultureproposal


            *Culture Group Proposal*

*What would be the purpose of this group?*

The culture group would continuously study and evaluate Mozilla's culture
as a community and suggest and promote ways to preserve and improve it. The
group would give community members a place to discuss how Mozilla is living
up to its values, identifying ways Mozilla is successful that they'd like
to see continue, as well as being able to address concerns and make

*Why not use governance?*

For this group to thrive they should feel free to have a higher "noise"
ratio than many working mailing lists prefer. Governance works well as a
very low noise list where people make concrete proposals and discuss the
organization of the Mozilla project.

*What projects would fit under the culture group?*

The conductors group is a great example of a Mozilla project designed to
support the culture of the community. So are the community guidelines
Mitchell et al have been working on. New contributor orientation also fits.

The group could identify and support ways for teams to better include and
recognize their volunteers, suggest best practices for communication
channels, and other actions that could help Mozilla be as open and
inclusive as possible.

*Who would be in the group?*

As it would not be a formal team with specific authority, everyone should
be welcome into the group, however there should be identified leaders. For
the group to thrive contributors working on the identified projects would
be key and are good candidates for leadership. Ideally all Mozilla teams
have representation in the group.

*What resources would the group need?*

I believe a mailing list would be enough to start, the group could then
identify what other resources would be beneficial.
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