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Wed Jun 5 06:01:12 PDT 2013

Thanks for sharing, Brian!

Europeana is definitely a great cultural commons project -- think it'd be
cool to work with them for Webmaker. I'd be happy to be in touch with them.
Let me know if I should wait for an intro or just reply to Breandan

But yes, interesting point about which tools/practices could be ported from
Mozilla to other groups. And vice-versa.

// m

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:27 AM, Brian King <bking at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Hi Builders,
> Passing this on in case any of you are interested in helping out or have
> ideas on how Mozilla can help in general.
> It raises an interesting issue. How much of what we do to build community
> is portable to other organisations / projects? Sure, we have tools such as
> Bugzilla but right now all of the other work we do is not so easily
> packaged. Can it even be presented in such a way to set other communities
> up for success or is there some magic that only works for Mozilla?
> - Brian
> On 3. 06. 13 16:16, Breandán Knowlton wrote:
>> Hi there //
>> Chris Mills (at Opera) and then Robert Nyman told me that I might want
>> to get in touch with you guys. I work on a fairly big digital cultural
>> heritage project called Europeana; we're trying to aggregate the catalog
>> records of all the museums, archives and libraries in Europe and make
>> digitised objects from these collections available through a single API.
>> It depends on a lot of data and web standards work, and the goal is
>> democratisation of access to culture. The project is ambitious, but
>> we're starting to make some progress.
>> I'd love to chat with you about building a community around this idea.
>> While we're chugging away at our work, and anyone is welcome to download
>> our metadata standards
>> (http://pro.europeana.eu/web/**guest/edm-documentation<http://pro.europeana.eu/web/guest/edm-documentation>),
>> code
>> (http://europeanalabs.eu/**browser <http://europeanalabs.eu/browser>) or
>> data
>> (http://pro.europeana.eu/**datasets <http://pro.europeana.eu/datasets>),
>> what I'd like to do is transition
>> the project into something that feels like more a part of the F/OSS
>> community. We're doing this work mostly supported by public grants, and
>> we're working for what we see as a public good, but we'd like to spread
>> out the contributions to make it easier to fork and patch our code.
>> We're working on projects relating to metadata extraction, to OCR, to
>> geospatial and temporal enrichment, to entity extraction, to metadata
>> mapping and to semanticaly-rich linked open data. All of these bits of
>> our project might be of more general interest, and we think that we'd
>> have useful things to offer the developer community. We understand that
>> there's more to creating a true F/OSS community than just moving a
>> repository to GitHub.
>> I thought that we might try to do a joint project with Mozilla, since
>> you guys are quite good at this, and share some of our goals. We might,
>> for example, apply for a grant together to cover the time it would take
>> to transition this project from simply having open source code into
>> something that would be widely known and used and adopted. Or we might
>> find better ways to fit what we're doing into the community structures
>> created by Mozilla.
>> Is this something that we might discuss? Crazy idea?
>> Let me know if you'd be available for a chat to discuss further.
>> Best regards,
>> // Breandán
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>> Skype: brendan.knowlton
>> Twitter: @bfk
>> *Europeana makes our culture available for all to explore, learn from
>> and re-use – learn how at**#AllezCulture <http://bit.ly/17mnbL7>*
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