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apologies for the delay. I'm thrilled to share with you the final version of the CBT Mission Statement which I'll be adding to the /Contribute wiki page. 

A big thank you for all of you who gave feedback. 



Community Building Team Mission Statement

Who We Are

We are a cross-functional team of staff and volunteers who are deeply passionate about empowering people to support the Mozilla mission and contribute to the project. 

Our Vision

In  2013, we will integrate Mozilla's separate community building efforts  and put together proven processes into a strategy that will help teams  with volunteers execute better and scale our capacity to leverage  contributors into new project areas, most notably Firefox OS  development.

In  2014, we will expand our capacity to leverage contributors to cover all  of Mozilla's strategic initiatives and make it easy for people to  connect with contribution opportunities, to receive recognition for  their contributions and to develop their skills and leadership  potential.

Our Mission

The Community Building Team (CBT) is responsible for growing the size and capabilities of the Mozilla community. Working closely with functional areas and regional communities, the CBT increases the capacity for participation throughout the project and leverages a broad range of tools, processes and training to match existing and potential volunteers with contribution opportunities. In doing so, the CBT helps evolve the best of our culture to allow us to remain an open and participatory movement as Mozilla continues to grow.

Our Pillars

A successful community building effort at Mozilla is based on these core pillars:

Community Builders:  To get things done at Mozilla, there needs to be a driver. Functional  teams need  Community Builders to drive their volunteer participation  efforts. 
Contribution Pathways:  Community Builders manage contribution funnels for functional and  regional areas as a way to identify, qualify and onboard new  volunteers.  
Systems and Data:  The size of the volunteer opportunity is huge and systems and data are  needed to handle the volume and to scale up complex processes to the  entire organization.   
Education and Training:  Capturing and spreading knowledge about how volunteering works and  providing skills development opportunties for both employees and  volunteers to enable to make meaningful contributions to the project
Recognition and Development:  Recognizing volunteers for their contributions deepens and extends  relationships and helps develop casual contributors into core  contributors.  

William Quiviger
Global Community Builder
Mozilla Reps Program Lead

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