[CBT] [systems] Proposal: A new Mozillians.org signup process

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Dec 20 05:37:02 PST 2013

On 19/12/13 18:40, Andrei Hajdukewycz wrote:
> Most don't seem to like the current system, and yet the basic design of
> it is both inclusive as well as privacy protecting

I'm not sure it is, because of the low bar in practice to getting
vouched. I would happily share my mobile number with a group of trusted
Mozillians numbering in the hundreds, but I'm not going to share it with
"anyone who anyone else in the group thought it was a good idea to
include", which is the bar for vouching today.

If you want the ACLs to stay simple, remove the option for data to have
a "Vouched only" viewing mode - i.e. what you see when you are vouched
is the same as when you are public. Move the level for additional data
access somewhere with a higher bar.


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