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Alan Jeffrey ajeffrey at
Sun Oct 29 21:51:51 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

It looks like our space-sharing arrangement with Chicago Hive is coming to
an end, we'll be in another space come Jan 1. Getting the ball rolling on a
conversation about what we'd like in an office...

For the location, it seems like quite a few of us use the CTA to come in.
Do we have preferences about which lines are most convenient? Are we all on
the red + brown lines, or do we also have some folks on the blue line?
There's quite a few locations in River North, would this work for people?
It's well connected for the red and brown lines, but a walk over the river
from the blue line. There's also space in Fulton Market, but I'm guessing
that this wouldn't work for people coming in from the north side.

For what we're looking for, it seems like we'd like a MozOffice, plus
access to shared amenities like coffee, drinks and snacks, private call
rooms, and conference rooms for larger meetings like the research off-site
that Lars organized recently. Are there other things we'd like? Would bike
storage and showers be useful for anyone?

I went and looked at some spaces, the current best contender is Level's
River North location ( but that
does depend on our location requirements. Do people want to have a look?
(They're still renovating the location, so be prepared for some
construction work going on! They're aiming for early November, which works
with our timeline.)

Hopefully this will not be an annual event!

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