Chicago Friends & Family Picnic by the Lake

Kumar McMillan kmcmillan at
Tue May 2 16:52:11 UTC 2017

Hey all, since I suggested a picnic by the lake I guess it's only fair that
I organize it :)

Sharon Bautista has kindly offered to host people at her house as a backup
(thanks Sharon!). We all know that Chicago winter lasts until June 1st so
maybe we'll get lucky if we plan it after that.

*I want to join the ChillZilla picnic!*

Excellent. The first thing is to please RSVP
<> before *THIS FRIDAY, MAY 5th*. Say
that you'll celebrate 'near other remoties' and choose 'Chicago Mozillians'
as the group.

*Where will it be?*

Let's plan on Foster beach
stop, Red Line) since it's close to Sharon. There are a couple options
(sand or grass) so we'll get more specific closer to the date.

*When will it be?*

We can do it on a weekend or a weekday if folks can leave work a bit early.
Maybe on a Friday? Here is a Doodle to see if we can come up with a date
that works well for everyone...

*Please select some dates that work for you*:

I'm proposing to keep it really informal and have people show up anytime
after 4pm (which is usually when shorties wake up from their naps). Let me
know if anyone wants to try some different day/time options though.

*What about food?*

My current thinking is that we can just "have a picnic" where everyone
brings some food to share. You would *need to keep your receipt and expense
it yourself* on Expensify according to the instructions
<> (which are pretty

Alternatively, does anyone think we should try to cater food? If so, I'll
need some help planning what / how much to order and scheduling pickup but
I'm open to the idea.

If there's anyone who you think might not be on this list, please forward
the email.
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