Coworking Fridays

Lars Bergstrom larsberg at
Wed Nov 11 02:33:58 UTC 2015

Do any of you have contacts at or quotes for locations where we might
hold a "coworking Friday"?

I've been in touch with Workplace Resources lately, and while the idea
of an additional MozSpace is out (per cbeard), they might be open to a
day or an afternoon of rental at a location that's convenient to many
of us. Since we've started to get a decent crew at our Friday coffee
meetings, I'd love to find a way to expand that to something where
would could actually "do work" and possible attract some of our MoFo

I've reached out to, but would appreciate
any ideas the rest of you have! Ideally, anything we select would be
close to at least blue/red, as that seems to be what the current crowd
- Lars

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