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Fri May 9 21:55:20 PDT 2014

Hello friend,

My goodness, it is already summertime in Chicago!  My wife and I have
decided this will be our last summer at Aqua in Chicago, and with your
help, we want to carpe diem all over Aqua this summer.

My proposal and invitation:
Every first and third Friday of the month, participants can join and head
to dance to electronic music at lunch and meet up (
and/or at 1:00pm meet up at Aqua on the 3rd floor.

Embedded within this invitation is a number of ideas (all opensource and
open to your edits):

   - Seeing a DJ at lunch on Friday between 12pm and 1pm to get the
   afternoon started.
   - An invitation to BYOB to drink and BYOF(ood) to grill out from the
   grocery store Marianos, ~1 block from Aqua.
   - An invitation to hang out and keep working, talking, laughing,
   drinking, smoking, or whatever we all want Friday night.  You are a clever
   bunch, and I'm sure we will be entertained.
   - Occasionally renting the $50-per-night giant media room(2) to view
   something cool.  Demos, or memes, movies, events, or rollerderby.
   - Invitation to bring your board or card games and be unabashed nerds.
   - Engage in an intensely competitive paper airplane flying contest from
   the 20th floor balcony.  (No plane designs involving fire or explosives,
   - Making friends with very nice people.

I'm super open to suggestion, but we definitely need your help this summer
to make sure we reap every penny of value from the ridiculous rent we pay!

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