Proposal for summer: Workday Fridays at Aqua

John Schneider johns at
Mon Mar 10 14:31:05 PDT 2014

I should mention: there is a swanky bar downstairs for post-work happy hours.  
(I think they have wifi, so maybe it does not need to be "post" work) :)

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Hi folks, 

I hope you got to enjoy this heat wave over the last few days! 

It got me to thinking...summer might actually happen soon! Like, for real! 

That got me to thinking how cool it would be to host Friday workdays at Aqua on the deck. There is wifi everywhere, printing(if you are into that sort of thing), a meeting room, a giant sun deck, a couple pools and hot tubs, grills, a nearby grocer, and generally good times. As summer approaches, there is even a little poolside bar for when it is MFBT. 

What does everyone think? Fridays good? Other days better? 

Enjoy the weather today, 

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