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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Addon-outreach-internal Mozilla internal list to track the outreach efforts on add-ons
Android-mobile-nightly-testers [no description available]
Artiststudio Artist Open Web
Berlin-Events Mailing list for people to contact the Berlin office requesting events.
Browserquest BrowserQuest Mailing List
Bugsahoy-devel Developers of BugsAhoy
Cbt-events mailing list for the CBT Events working group
Chicago [no description available]
Coding-stewards Coding Stewards
Comms Google group for Mozilla Foundation and Webmaker
community-poland Communications for the Polish community
community-popcorn Community discussion list for Mozilla Popcorn
Community-south-africa A mailing list for the Mozilla South Africa Community
Community-taiwan-campus Community Campus in Taiwan
deuxdrop-planning Federated, secure messaging system (server + client) prototype
Dev-addons Public mailing list for development of the add-on ecosystem.
Dev-go A place for people writing Go
Dev-shield Development of SHIELD and related projects
Enterprise-fr Liste en français concernant la gestion centralisée de logiciels Mozilla et le canal ESR -- Mailing list in French about managed deployments and the ESR channel
ffos-camp-poland Mailing list for those attending the Firefox OS Camp in Poland
fhr-dev Firefox data development discussion
firefox-reviewers Firefox patch reviewers / peers
Firefox-triage-leads For Mozillians Responsible for Triaging Firefox-Related Components in Bugzilla
Fsataskforce Mailing list for US & Germany taskforces of NMIT Campaign.
fxacct-notices Important notices for users of the Firefox Accounts authentication service
Fxos-connectivity Connectivity team related discussion for Firefox OS
Fxosqa-report-watchlist Watchlist for QA smoketest & automation daily reports
Gofaster List for the day to day management of the Go Faster project.
Hindsight Support forum for the Hindsight project
inbox-triage Feature inbox triage discussion.
Joey-checkins Joey subversion checkins
Lightbeam Public mailing list for users of Lightbeam
marketing-collective Mailing list for the Marketing Collective
Marketplace-qa If you need to email testers who work on marketplace/AMO QA
Memes This is where we share awesome things people are making on the internet.
metro The public mailing list of the firefox for windows metro (modern ui)
Mobilizers-bangladesh Firefox OS Mobilizers core team Bangladesh
Mofo-metrics Mozilla Foundation Metrics Community List
Mofodev List for Mozilla Foundation developers
Moz-basketball anyone interested in playing basketball at mozilla can join
Mozilla-cordova For discussions about integrating Firefox OS with Cordova
Mozilla-research-grant People interested in the Mozilla Research Grants
Mozilla-rocks-it Mozilla Rocks IT Connected Devices IoT Platform
Mozillascience This is the public mailing/discussion list for the Mozilla Science Lab.
Narcissus Discussion of the Narcissus JavaScript engine.
Netpolicy Public policy module - old list
Nightly-testers [no description available]
OfficeoftheChair (Semi-) Regular Updates and Communication from Mozilla's Office of the Chair
openbadges Team OpenBadges
party-planners A mailing list for party people
Passwords-dev Discussions about passwords and password management features
Persona-notices Important notices related to the Persona identity service
Polaris Mozilla's Privacy Initiative
Privacy-events-berlin Berlin Privacy Lab
Privacy-events-london Privacy Lab London
Privacy-events-paris Paris Privacy Lab
privacy-features Firefox OS privacy features
regionalstudentcoordinators Mailing list for Regional Student Coordinators of the Student Reps Program
rr-dev List for discussing development of rr ---
Rust-dev Development discussion for the Rust language
services-qa Cloud Services QA discussion list
Socialapi-internal socialapi team internal discussions
Space [no description available]
Summit13peopleprocess Mailing list for Delegates in the People and Process Track of Summit 2013
Summit13purposestrategy Mailing list for Delegates in the Purpose and Strategy Track of Summit 2013
Sync-dev Discussions about syncing Firefox data across different devices
Tamarin-devel Tamarin development
Task-continuity-dev Discussions about providing a great experience across a continuum of devices and platforms
Taskcluster-announce TaskCluster Announcements
tb-enterprise ENTERPRISE, large scale, deployment and configuration of Thunderbird. (NOT USER SUPPORT)
tb-planning Thunderbird planning (moderated)
thunderbird-council Mailing list for Thunderbird Council
Thunderbird-testers Announcements to testers of Thunderbird
web.performance Performance for a fast and efficient web. Measure twice, improve once from networking, rendering to code execution.
WebFWD-mentors Mailing list for WebFWD Mentors
Webmaker-dev For discussing developer contribution to Mozilla Webmaker
Wg-payments Payments Working Group

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