Mozilla's 'mailman' service has been decommissioned.

We invite you to join our discussions across all aspects of Mozilla, product development, and maintaining the Open Web in our Discourse forums.

Some lists remain active and have moved elsewhere. The google group lists can be subscribed to via the links below or by sending email to the address

announce @ - product releases and other announcements

dev-media @ - For discussion around media in browsers (Video, Audio, WebRTC, etc.)

dev-platform @ - discussions around web platform development (gecko)

dev-security-policy @ - security-related policies, governance, and related topics; including discussion of Mozilla's Root Store Policy and the NSS root certificate store.

dev-tech-crypto @ - mozilla's crypto code discussion list

dev-tech-gfx @ - Gecko platform graphics mailing list

dev-tech-network @ - Mozilla's network layer

enterprise @ - development of features and management of Mozilla products like Firefox for Enterprise environments

governance @ - Discussion of the governance and running of the Mozilla project

nightly-testers @ - discussion of features and behavior changes in nightly builds

sync-dev @ - Firefox sync development discussions

Thunderbird lists have moved to topicbox


Public archives from lists can be found here.


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